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ADOPTED April 19, 1998

Amended September 26, 1999

Further amended September 18, 2000

Further amended April 6, 2003

Further amended April 18, 2005

Further amended April 17, 2006 

Further amended April 22, 2008







Whereas the South-Eastern Manitoba Hockey League Inc. (SEMHL) is a voluntary organization which consists of members and individuals who actively participate in the operation of an Amateur Senior Hockey League in the south-east and central regions of  Manitoba,


And Whereas it is declared that one of the purposes of this Constitution, By-Laws, and Regulations shall be to confer upon the SEMHL, and its Governing Body, all the powers of a fully self governing organization,


NOW THEREFORE be it enacted:


ARTICLE 1.               NAME


This organization shall be called the South-Eastern Manitoba Hockey League, Incorporated (hereinafter called the "SEMHL").




a)         The SEMHL shall have jurisdiction over league matters, including membership, league dues and fees, rules and regulations, and other on/off-ice activities.


b)         The SEMHL shall be a member of Hockey Manitoba


c)         Where the provisions of this Constitution, By-Laws, and Regulations are inconsistent with the Constitution, By-Laws, and Regulations of Hockey Canada and Hockey Manitoba, Hockey Canada and Hockey Manitoba Constitutions, By-Laws, and Regulations shall prevail.



ARTICLE 3.               DEFINITIONS


Local Player

1.         Any player who resides within a twenty mile radius of the home arena.

2.         Any player who has played minor or high school hockey within the twenty mile radius.


 Non-Local Player

 1.        Any player who does not qualify as a local player.

 2.        Any player who resides outside of Manitoba.

NOTE:            Players from outside Manitoba must follow Hockey Manitoba/Hockey Canada registration requirements and  primary insurance is required to be purchased

Hockey Manitoba insurance does not apply to out-of-province players.



1.         The player is responsible to provide sufficient documents to the Commissioner to prove residency:

a)         Drivers License - must be current and valid

b)         Vehicle registration - if vehicle owned by player

c)         Copy of Land Title or copy of lease agreement

d)         Other - as determined to be appropriate by the

Commissioner to prove residency.

ARTICLE 4.               MEMBERSHIP


            The SEMHL shall be open to membership from Amateur Senior Hockey Teams, providing the said Teams are willing to comply and abide with all the rules and regulations of the League (By-Law 1) and Hockey Manitoba and Hockey Canada.





            The governing of the organization shall be under the direction of a League Governing Body, and other appointed personnel in accordance with the Constitution, By-Laws, and Regulations.








The Annual Meeting of the SEMHL shall be held no later than April 30th each year.  The location and date shall be decided upon by the League Governing Body.






a)         Amendments or alterations can be made to the Constitution, By-Laws, and Regulations during the Annual Meeting of this organization.


b)         Notice of request for change shall be in writing (fax/email)to the Governing Body, no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled date of the Annual Meeting.  The request for change shall be communicated to each member by the Secretary no later than 15 days prior to the Annual Meeting.


c)         A two-thirds majority vote by the Governing Body in attendance is required to amend Constitutional or By-Law changes.







a)         Membership in the SEMHL may be acquired by the submission in writing of an application to the League Governing Body by April 30th of each calendar year.


b)         All applications for membership shall be considered and voted on by the League Governing Body.


c)         All team entries shall be finalized by the semi-annual meeting


d)         All members accepted into the organization shall pay all League Bonds, Fees, and Dues before having voting privileges.


e)         Any member shall be subject to forfeiture or suspension in the event of failure to comply with any requirement of this Constitution, By-Laws, and Regulations, or the League Governing Body, arising therefrom.  Any suspension, when ratified by a

two-thirds vote of the eligible voters at any meeting of the Governing Body, shall be considered binding until the next Annual Meeting, or special meeting of the



f)          Existing members shall be permitted a one years leave of absence, conditional to a written request to the Governing Body at the Annual Meeting. This team shall be permitted to attend all League Meetings, but shall forfeit their voting privileges during this period.



BY-LAW 2.                 LEAGUE DUES AND FINES


1.         League Member Performance Bond

a)         All members shall be required to submit a performance bond (in the form of non-refundable cheque), in the amount of $500.00, which the League will retain in a trust account for the purposes of offsetting any member dues or fines which are unpaid as of the Annual Meeting.

b)         In the event that a member's bond is utilized to cover non-performance of the obligations to the league, this adjustment will be made at the Annual Meeting.  The offending member shall lose their voting privileges, and be suspended.


c)         The bond amount shall be replenished prior to September 1st in order to regain consideration as a "Member in Good Standing".  A two-thirds majority vote of the eligible voters shall be required to enable the member to be reinstated.


d)         Any member withdrawing from the league after September 1st shall forfeit their bond.

2.         Annual Team Membership Fees

a)         Each Team Member shall pay a fee of $500.00, on or before September 30 each year, to be considered in good standing.

Late payment fees of $200 per month (or any part thereof) shall apply to any annual fees that are not paid on time as required.  Any team whose annual fees are not paid shall not be entitled to vote, and may attend meetings only as an observer.


b)         New members shall be required to pay an entrance fee of $250.00 (non-refundable) over and  above the league bond and seasonal operating fee requirements, to be paid by September 30.


3.         League Fines

a)         The Governing Body shall determine all applicable regulations and fines at each Annual Meeting for the upcoming season.

b)         All fines must be forwarded to the Treasurer within one week of the decision by the Commissioner.

c)         Late payment fees of $100 per week or any part thereof shall apply to all fines not paid on time.




BY-LAW 3.                 PROTESTS AND APPEALS


1.         Protests

a)         Protest of a game must be dated and submitted in writing (fax/email) to the Commissioner within 48 hours of the advertised time of the game in question, signed by the team representative. The protest cost of $100.00 will be taken from the team bond and the team is to replenish this bond within one week after the decision is made  The fee of $100.00 may be returned to the protesting team bond if the Commissioner rules in their favour.

Player eligibility protests must be dated and submitted to the Commissioner along with $100 per player before February 1st and the offending team will lose all points earned in games where the ineligible player participated.

b)         Submission of the protest must be made to the appointed officer of the league, responsible for "League Operations", who shall rule on all protests within 48 hours of receipt of written notification.

c)         The decision on the protest, shall be provided to the parties or the respective teams involved in the dispute by telephone, followed by written confirmation.

d)         All decisions shall be final, with the right of appeal by the parties or the respective teams involved, as permitted by the Appeals procedure.



2.         Appeals Procedures

a)         Any appeals shall be submitted to the League, in writing (fax/email), no later than 48 hours from notification of a ruling on any protest, suspension, or other league related issue which requires a binding decision from the appointed officer of the league responsible for "League Operations".

b)         The appeal fee of $200.00 shall be taken from the team bond and the team is to replenish this bond within one week after the decision is taken. The fee shall be refunded to the team or individual in the event that the ruling is in their favour.

c)         An appeal hearing shall be heard in person (at an agreed upon location), or by teleconference (at an agreed upon time), no later than 7 days from the receipt of written notification of appeal.

d)         Any decision by the Appeals Committee is binding upon all parties and without right of further appeal, unless Hockey Manitoba or Hockey Canada provisions apply, in which case the appellant would be referred to that body.



3          Appeals Committee

a)         Appeals to the league, from either a team or a player, shall be reviewed and heard by the Governing Body.

b)         The teams or players involved in the appeal procedure shall be permitted to attend, but shall not be permitted to vote on the appeal.  A two-thirds majority of the eligible voters at the appeal hearing shall be deemed as the final decision.



1)         The Governing Body of the SEMHL shall consist of a Board of Directors made up of one voting member of each of the teams in good standing.

2)         The Governing Body shall have the responsibility of passing and approving the playing rules and league regulations for each season.

3)         The Governing Body shall have the responsibility of appointing personnel as detailed in By-law 5, by way of a two-thirds majority vote, at the Annual Meeting.






1.         Commissioner

a)     The League Commissioner shall have the authority to deal with, and fine or suspend, where deemed necessary, any team, player, coach, manager, or official of a team for un-gentlemanly conduct, abusive language, or any alleged infraction of the rules and regulations set forth in the Constitution, By-laws, and Regulations of the SEMHL.

b)         The Commissioner shall attend all meetings.

c)         The League Commissioner shall deal with all protests.

d)         The League Commissioner shall not serve in any capacity with any of the member clubs.


2.         Chairperson

a)         The Chairperson shall call and preside at all meetings.

b)         The Chairperson shall not serve in any capacity directly related to the on-ice aspect of any of the member clubs.

c)         The Chairperson shall not have a vote at League Meetings.

d)         The Chairperson shall be the spokesperson of the league.

e)         The Chairperson shall report on the operation of the league at the AGM.

f)          The Chairperson shall preside at all hearings of appeals.


3.         Secretary

a)         The secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of all meetings, and for the distribution of them to all members.

b)         The secretary shall attend all meetings, and when unavailable to attend he/she shall assign the responsibilities to another individual.


4.         Treasurer

a)         The Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving all monies of the organization and deposit the same in a Financial Institution selected by the SEMHL, and to pay all accounts of the organization, and to keep a record of these transactions.

b)         The Treasurer may prepare and have ready for presentation to the Governing Body, a Financial Statement for the Annual Meeting, and at the request of the Governing Body on any other occasion.

c)         The Treasurer shall attend all annual and semi-annual meetings.


5.         League Statistician

a)         The League Statistician shall be responsible for obtaining and keeping track of all stats of the League Regular Season and Playoff Games.

It is the responsibility of the home team to submit a legible game sheet to the statistician immediately following all League and Play-off games.

b)         The Governing Body shall determine remuneration with the appointed individual.           


6.         Referee in Chief

a)         The Referee in Chief shall be responsible for the co-ordination and scheduling of the Officials for all regular season and playoff matches.

b)         The Referee in Chief shall report to the League Commissioner regarding any on/off ice activities that require review.

c)         The Governing Body shall determine remuneration with the appointed individual.

d)         The home team is responsible for making payment for expenses to attending referees between the 2nd and 3rd periods.

e)         For cancelled games the league treasurer will pay the referees and the home team is responsible to reimburse the league if proper notice is not provided.  If a team cancels a game and does not allow the home team sufficient time (minimum of 48 hours) to advise the referees, the costs are to be absorbed by the cancelling team.

BY-LAW 6.                 MEETINGS


1.         Notice & Order of Business

a)         All meetings of the organization shall be called by the Chairperson, as appointed by the Governing Body on an annual basis.

b)         Notice and agenda of all meetings (except special meetings) of the organization shall be sent by the Chairperson, to each member entitled to attend said meetings and shall be faxed to the team contact no later than 10 days prior to the holding of such meeting.  Said member shall advise the Chairperson whether he/she shall be able to attend no later than 48 hours after receipt of notification.  Failure to do so will consider the member to be attending, and leave them subject to a fine of $200.00 in the event that they do not attend.

c)         At all meetings of the organization, the following shall be the order of business:

i)          Call to Order.

ii)         Approval of Agenda

iii)         Acceptance of minutes of previous meeting.

iv)        Business arising out of minutes.

v)         Financial Report (List of income & disbursements, accounts receivable and payable)

vi)        Correspondence

vii)        New Business

viii)       Adjournment

d)         Copies of the Minutes of all meetings shall be prepared by the Secretary, and forwarded by fax within 14 days of said meetings to the respective members contact person.



2.                     Annual Meeting


a)         The Annual Meeting may be held at alternating locations of the League Members. The location for the following year shall be decided on prior to the adjournment of the Annual Meeting.

b)         The Governing Body shall bring at least one suggested name for the positions of Chairperson, Commissioner, Secretary, Treasurer, Statistician, and Referee-in-Chief.  Further nominations may be made from the floor.

c)         The following shall be the order of business:


i)          Call to Order.

ii)         Acceptance of Minutes of Previous Annual Meeting

iii)         Business Arising from Minutes

iv)        Chairperson's Annual Report

v)         Annual Financial Report

vi)        Proposed amendments to Constitution,

By-Laws, and Regulations

vii)        Annual Team Membership Dues, and

Remuneration (if applicable) to Personnel

viii)       Appointment of Personnel: Commissioner,

Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Statistician, and


ix)        Appointment of committees and their membership (i.e. All-star Selections, Promotion, Player Selections, Awards, etc.)

x)         New Business

xi)        Adjournment




3.                     Semi-Annual Meeting

a)         The Governing Body shall meet at a location to be determined at the Annual Meeting for the purpose of confirming the participants and establishing a league schedule.  This meeting shall occur no later than the last week in September.

b)         The playoff format shall be determined by the Governing Body at the Semi-Annual meeting.

c)         Any team wishing to participate in any play-off other than the SEMHL must obtain agreement of the Governing Body at the Semi-Annual meeting.  Failure to obtain league approval will result in no changes being considered for the SEMHL Play-Off Schedule to accommodate a team wishing to participate in play-offs like the Allan Cup, Manitoba Play-Offs, etc.


4.         Special Meetings

a)         Special Meetings may be requested as deemed necessary by the Chairperson and Commissioner.   

They will determine the time and location of the meeting.

BY-LAW 7.                 COMMITTEES


1)         The Governing Body will designate and appoint a committee as required on matters which do not require the total involvement of the organization.

2)         Any decisions made by the respective committees which may impact on the operation of the league must be presented to the Governing Body for a two-thirds majority vote.







RULE 1.                     PLAYER PERSONNEL

a)         All players shall be classified as Local, Non-Local, or Affiliated (Minor or High School) Players.

b)         The classification of Non-Local and Affiliated players shall be clearly marked on the team roster or they will be considered ineligible.

c)         Where a dispute arises as to a player’s eligibility, it is the responsibility of the player to supply proof of residency to the Commissioner.

d)         The number and calibre of Import players allowed to each team shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting in spring.

e)         Requests for changes in the allowed number of Non-Local players should be in writing and forwarded to the Chairperson at  least two weeks prior to the Annual General meeting.

f)          Where a team is deemed to have used an ineligible player in any game, any points gained in that game will be awarded to the opposing team, and the offending team will be fined $250.00, to be submitted to the League Treasurer upon written direction of the Commissioner. All other statistics relating to the game will remain unchanged.

The team protesting the eligibility must follow guidelines relating to protests as outlined in By Law 3.


RULE 2.                     PLAYER REGISTRATION


a)         Each member team shall be permitted to have no more than 25 players on their roster at any given time, including at least two Goalkeepers.

b)         All teams must submit their team roster on the Hockey Manitoba form to the Regional Registrar along with player cards, and a copy to the League Statistician no later than 24 hours prior to their first league game. 

Failure to comply will result in a fine of $250.00 (non-refundable). The Statistician will forward a copy of all team rosters to all participating teams.

Any players participating in a game whose names are not on this list shall be considered ineligible.

c)         Additions/Deletions to rosters must be submitted to the Hockey Manitoba Regional Registrar and the League Statistician no later than 24 hours before any match involving personnel changes.

d)         Final Rosters, consisting of a maximum 25 players, including 2 Goalkeepers, plus a maximum of 5 Local Minor/High School Players, (referred to as Affiliate Players) must be submitted to the Statistician by 6:00 P.M. January 15 each year, and failure to comply will result in a fine of $250.00 (non-refundable). No changes to the roster as listed on the SEMHL web site are permitted after 6:00 p.m., January 15.

Teams can only affiliate players in accordance with Hockey Manitoba/Hockey Canada Rules.

e)         Any player who wishes to apply for Amateur status and/or transfer from another team must obtain written release by January 10.  If a release in the proper manner is not deemed to have been obtained, the player will be ineligible to play in the SEMHL.

The team must follow the registration rules as set by Hockey Manitoba which requires the player to be listed on the final roster by January 15 and a players card signed by the player along with an application to Hockey Manitoba must be approved by February 10 for the player to be considered eligible to play in the SEMHL.

Failure to follow the proper procedures or meet deadlines will result in the player being ineligible to play in the SEMHL for the balance of the season, including play-offs.

RULE 3.                     COMPETITION


a)         Game time shall be 8:00 P.M.,  2:30 P.M. on Sundays- unless otherwise arranged during the development of the League Schedule.

b)         Scheduled games can only be rescheduled by mutual consent of the teams involved, provided the game is played within 10 days, and coordinated through the Commissioner with faxed confirmation.  The home team is responsible for notifying the Referee-In-Chief with a minimum of 48 hours for rescheduling.  A fine of $250.00 will be assessed against the cancelling team if the game is not played within 10 days.

If a game is cancelled due to weather conditions notice must be given by 4 P.M. on game day to the Referee-In-Chief, the Commissioner and the opposing team.

c)         If mutual consent cannot be obtained, the team that wishes to cancel is subject to a fine of $250.00, no matter the reason for the cancellation. The fine of $250 will be forwarded to the opposing team by the Treasurer to defray costs incurred.  Failure to co-operate in the best interest of the League could result in further fines for both teams at the discretion of the Commissioner as appropriate under the circumstances.

If cancellation is due to the weather, the team which was assessed a fine can appeal for a rebate in whole or in part with written and sufficient evidence to convince the Commissioner to issue a rebate.

(All postponed games must be rescheduled to be played before the end of the league schedule.)  


d)         Teams are to wear dark uniforms at home until December 31 and white or light uniforms at home for the balance of the season


e)         Scoring shall be 2 points for a win, 1 point for an over-time loss

or shoot-out loss.

f)          Overtime will be played during the regular season consisting of one 5 minute sudden death overtime period.  This overtime shall immediately follow a 2 minute rest at the conclusion of the third period, with teams retaining the same end of the rink.

g)         If still tied after 5 minutes, a shoot-out shall take place.  5 shooters from each team shall be named, who shall shoot in turn.  If still tied after 5 shooters, a sudden-death format shall take place, with the visiting team shooting first. When a sudden-death shoot-out format is needed, each team will have had an equal number of scoring opportunities. Original 5 shooters from each team are not eligible to shoot again till each player on the bench has had a shot. Shoot-out scoring shall not count in the player statistics.  Team scoring in the standings shall be 2 points for a shoot-out win and 1 point for a shoot-out loss.

h)         Overtime will be played during the playoffs consisting of 20 minute sudden death overtime periods until such time as a winner is determined. 

Intermission shall precede all overtime play.

i)          The SEMHL does not have or enforce the "curvature of the stick"

measurement rule.

j)          Teams cannot cancel regularly scheduled games with the intention of reducing costs of home games.  Failure to honour the team commitment to the League, fans, and corporate sponsors to play the full number of agreed upon league games will result in the team bond being forfeited and the team will be suspended indefinitely.

Reinstatement of the offending team will require a two-thirds vote by the Governing Body at the Annual Meeting, with no reimbursement of the bond being considered.

k)         All home games must be played in the location designated at the beginning of the season as the home game arena.  Requests to alter this in any way requires a two-thirds vote by the Governing Body.

l)          All other rules governing SEMHL play shall be those of the Hockey Canada and Hockey Manitoba rule books.


RULE 4.                     REFEREES

a)         The referee system shall be a three man system during the regular season and playoffs, using local linesman during the regular season whenever possible.  Team Officials are to refrain from entering the referee's room during the game.

b)         Reimbursement of expenses will be determined by the Governing Body.  Payment shall be made as outlined in this Constitution, By-Law 5, Article 6.


RULE 5.                     SUSPENSIONS

a)         The minimum suspensions handed out shall be as defined by Hockey Manitoba.  The League Commissioner shall have the authority to extend any suspension handed down by Hockey Manitoba.

b)         Any team involved in an altercation where players leave the bench to participate - as determined by the referee - shall be fined a minimum of $100.00 per individual, with a maximum of $500.00 per team.

RULE 6.                     GENERAL

a)         In case of ties in the League Standings at season's end, the following procedure is to be followed in order:

i)          Team with the best win/loss record in over-all league play

if still tied

ii)         Best win/loss record between tied teams with protest games being eliminated;

if still tied

iii)         Best GF/GA between tied teams

if still tied            

iv)        Best GF/GA in total league play

if still tied

v)         2 game series with opening venue to be decided

by coin toss


b)         The Governing Body is required to establish the playoff dates 10 days prior to the end of the regular season.

All teams are required to confirm by fax/email to the Commissioner 7 days prior to the end of the schedule that ice has been booked as per agreed upon Play-Off Schedule.  The Commissioner will fax a confirmed play-off schedule to the Referee-In-Chief, including date, location, and start time.

c)         If any playoff series is decided by an odd game, the top team in the standings gets the home game, with no gate split.

d)         The league supplies the following award categories and trophies:

i)          League MVP - Player selected to be the most valuable to their

respective team.

ii)         Top Scorer - Player who attains the highest points

of all league players.

iii)                 Top Goalkeeper - The Goalkeeper selected as the

best goalie in the league.

iv)        Best Defenseman - Defenseman selected as the

best defenseman in the league.

v)                  Most Sportsmanlike - Player selected who demonstrates

the best sportsmanship combined with ability.

vi)        Playoff MVP - Player selected as the

most valuable player in the playoffs.


e)         Teams are responsible for all League trophies awarded to their players.  Trophies are to be returned by the end of the regular season, or a $125.00 fine per missing trophy will be levied.


f)          The rules set forth herewith supersede all previous rules or minutes.  All other rules governing SEMHL play shall be those of Hockey Canada and Hockey Manitoba rule books.


RULE 7 Bench Personnel

a)         Any coach, trainer, safety, or equipment personnel shall be allowed on the bench, as long as they are registered properly with Hockey Manitoba.